12 top sights and attractions in Sandusky, OH

sights and attractions in Sandusky

12 top sights and attractions in Sandusky, OH

Life along the waterfront in Sandusky, Ohio makes every day feel like a vacation. This small town is reinventing itself. Historic buildings have been renovated into restaurants serving locally sourced foods and bayside experiences make a visit to Sandusky worth more than just a weekend.

Sandusky caters to those looking for a short stay getaway, with day trip options like Cedar Point amusement park and a ride aboard the Jet Express to Put-in-Bay, but the area’s locations and activities are expanding out to give vacationers a reason to stay longer.

The water is the main attraction. While Sandandek is primarily enjoyed outdoors on Lake Erie, it offers several indoor water parks, making it a year-round destination. Take a stroll on Jackson Street Pier to see a dazzling Lake Erie sunset or relax on an island cruise around the bay while enjoying one of Ohio’s top getaway destinations.

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1 Give point

Cedar Point Jeremy Thompson / photo modified

Cedar Point amusement park, on the shores of Lake Erie, is one of the top things to do in Ohio, with new roller coasters and rides added every year. You can easily spend several days at the park and park attractions. Cedar Point is known for its 17 roller coasters, such as Gemini, Raptor, and Blue Streak, and its thrill rides, such as Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling and the heart-pounding Power Tower. For the non-extreme thrill seekers, the park offers family-friendly rides and top entertainment venues. Cedar Point Shores is a new expansive water park and Sports Force Parks is a unique sports complex aimed at the sporty type, with soccer fields, ropes course and trampolines. Cedar Point’s attractions and parks are all in the same neighborhood, and this is a great place to stay. One of the best hotel choices in this area is the Hotel Breakers.

Adres: One Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.cedarpoint.com/

2 Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari Resorts |  Photo copyright: Kalahari Resorts
Kalahari Resorts | Photo copyright: Kalahari Resorts

Kalahari is a popular indoor/outdoor water park that is fun for adults and kids alike. The main attraction is the extensive indoor and outdoor collection of slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers. With Kalahari’s non-water excursions, you can easily spend several days doing it all. The Safari Outdoor Adventure Park is a fun break from the slides, with a challenging ropes course, zipline and climbing wall. The interactive Safari Adventures Animal Park is a must during your stay, where you will see animals such as camels and birds that are not normal for a water park.

Adres: 7000 Kalahari Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.kalahariresorts.com/ohio

3 Merry-Go-Round Museum

Merry-Go-Round Museum Rona Proudfoot / photo modified
Merry-Go-Round Museum Rona Proudfoot / photo modified

The idea for the Merry-Go-Round Museum in Sandusky was born after the US Postal Service released a series of carousel stamps in 1990. The museum has since become one of the most important places in Sandusky, with nostalgic and historic carousel artifacts. Enjoy the displays of painted carousel horses, restored merry-go-rounds, miniature carousels, and other artifacts that have become part of the museum’s collection over the years. Be sure to spend some extra time in the fully renovated New York carousel and in the museum’s unique gift shop.

Adres: 301 Jackson Street, Sandusky, Ohio

Official site: https://www.merrygoroundmuseum.org/

4 Jet Express

Jet Express marada / photo modified
Jet Express marada / photo modified

Sandusky is the ideal home base for a day trip to nearby Put-in-Bay or Kelleys Island on Lake Erie. Jet Express is an exciting boat trip to the islands to explore lighthouse attractions, water sports and enjoy an array of resort style restaurants. The popular islands in the area attract many tourists. If you plan to visit both islands, plan a day ahead of each schedule and return to Sandusky in the evening. Please note the time of the last ferry departure for the day of your return trip to Sandusky.

Adres: 101 W. Shoreline Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://jet-express.com/

5 Great Wolf Lodge

Great Wolf Lodge | Foto copyright: Great Wolf Lodge
Great Wolf Lodge | Foto copyright: Great Wolf Lodge

The indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge works well for Ohio’s sometimes unpredictable weather. The most popular attractions at the lodge are understandably at the water park. Waterslides like Otter Run and Totem Towers are traditional slides, but families wanting to take it up a notch should climb the four-foot Alberta Falls tube slide, where you can ride in tandem. The lodge offers activities such as pajama parties, craft times, entertainment and magical MagiQuest adventures that can break up the swimming opportunities during your stay. Be sure to have a wolf waffle waffle for breakfast at the Gitchigoomie Grill at least once.

Adres: 4600 Milan Road, Sandusky, Ohio

Official site: https://www.greatwolf.com/sandusky

6 Sandusky Maritime Museum

The Maritime Museum at Sandusky provides a snapshot of maritime activity over the years in Sandusky Bay. The museum is as educational as it is fascinating, with exhibits about commercial fishing, shipwrecks, and even pirates in the area. The interactive displays make you part of the maritime history and its influence on the region. One of the most unique exhibits in the museum includes authentic artifacts from the Convict Ship, a floating prison that ended its journey in Sandusky.

Adres: 125 Meigs Street, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.sanduskymaritime.org/

7 Castaway Bay

The Caribbean-themed Castaway Bay is an indoor water park with slides and rides for every age group. This is a year-round water park, with lagoons, a wave pool, high tube slides and areas to relax with your family. When you want to get out of the water, check out the scheduled craft events and Caribbean games available at the resort. Events change daily so be sure to grab a daily newsletter to see what’s available during your stay.

Adres: 2001 Cleveland Road, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.castawaybay.com/

8 Sandusky Segwave Tours

Sandusky Segwave Tours
Sandusky Segwave Tours

A fun way to explore historic Sandusky is by Segway with Sandusky Segwave Tours. Tour options include one or two hours in the city. The Segway tours take you past Sandusky Bay, the historic downtown area and through parks. If you plan to stay for several days, the Segwave tours will give you a good introduction to the layout of the area. All tours start with instructions on how to operate a Segway, so great for beginners. Since the tours take you through areas you might not find on your own, keep an eye out for restaurants and shops you’ll want to return to later.

Adres: 107 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.sanduskysegwave.com/

9 Air1Airboats

sights and attractions in Sandusky
Air1Airboats | Photo Copyright: Air1Airboat

You might think of airboats for a Florida excursion and not Ohio, but that’s what makes a Lake Erie cruise on Air1Airboats so much fun. A licensed U.S. Coast Guard captain takes you on an airplane-boat journey that gives Sandusky a perspective from the water. Pass the expansive Cedar Point amusement park as you bike through the bay for about 40 minutes. For a night out, take an evening cruise where you spend two hours on the water and enjoy the vibrant light scene on the shoreline.

Adres: 2312 River Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://air1airboats.com/

10 Ghostly Manor Thrill Center

Adventure is the name of the game at the Ghostly Manor Thrill Center in Sandusky, which has a range of things to do from strategic to family-friendly. The Escape Room plays out the popular escape adventures where you and your crew must solve clues to get out of a room in the allotted time. Wizard’s Journey miniature golf is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening as you traverse waterfalls and obstacles. The Ghostly Manor Thrill Center also offers an arcade, roller skating, bounce house and a 4D theater.

Adres: 3319 Milan Road, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.ghostlymanor.com/

11 Vogontz Bike Share

sights and attractions in Sandusky
Vogontz Bike Share | Foto copyright: Vogontz Bike Share

Sandusky is a city best explored at a slower pace, and Vogontz Bike Share is a fun way to do it. The bike sharing program is simple, with stations located throughout Sandusky. Rent a bike and ride it to your next location and drop it off at another station. Many people rent bicycles just to ride around town, stopping at shops and restaurants at their leisure. The bike sharing program works with an app on your phone so you can easily find locations to pick up and drop off the bikes.

Official Site: https://www.vogontzbikeshare.com/

12 Goodtime I Lake Erie Island Cruises

Goodtime I island cruises are a popular way to enjoy the Lake Erie shoreline. The cruises are from May to October. Hop aboard for a Sunset Bay Cruise while relaxing the day with entertainment, snacks, and a beautiful northern Ohio sunset. One of the most popular cruises is the Island Hopping Cruise. This is a great way to take a day trip to the islands around Sandusky. The day cruise takes you to Kelleys Island and Put-in-Bay where you can hop and explore for several hours before moving on to the next location. The company offers themed cruises throughout the year that tie in with sporting events and holidays.

Adres: 109 West Shoreline Drive, Sandusky, Ohio

Official Site: https://www.goodtimeboat.com/

More must-see places to explore in Ohio

While the shores of Lake Erie and the islands of Put-in-Bay and Kelleys Island are popular vacation spots, Ohio is ready to serve whatever strikes your mood. The major cities of Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati are perfect for weekend getaways, but just beyond the city lights are quiet national and state parks and the back roads of Amish Country. If your trip to Buckeye State is more active, you’ll want to explore the fantastic fishing, ziplining, and outdoor adventures that exist in Ohio’s diverse quadrants.

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