12 Top Visited Tourist Attractions in Newport, Oregon

Attractions in Newport

12 Top Visited Tourist Attractions in Newport, Oregon

A fishing village turned attractive resort town, Newport is located roughly in the middle of Oregon’s Pacific coast. As such, it has many places of interest both in the Victorian town itself and in the surrounding areas. Offshore, migrating whales pass viewpoints such as Yaquina Head and Cape Perpetua, while smaller ocean critters make their home in the beach basin. And if you miss whale season, there are plenty of animals waiting to be seen at the impressive Oregon Coast Aquarium.

1 Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

The centerpiece of this scenic park, Oregon’s tallest lighthouse towers 300 feet above a basalt ridge that was once lava. There has been a lighthouse here since 1873, and guided tours take visitors inside the structure and up its many steps. Wildlife viewing at Yaquina Head includes migrating whales and harbor seals , and the tide pools are a favorite with families coming to search for bright sea anemones and starfish. There is also an Interpretive Center that introduces the landscape and history of the lighthouse through its exhibits.

Adres: 750 NW Lighthouse Dr, Newport

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2 Oregon Coast Aquarium

Oregon Coast Aquarium shellac / photo modified
Oregon Coast Aquarium shellac / photo modified

Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport shows visitors marine life underwater. The highlight is the glass walkways that let you watch sharks and rays swim overhead. Seals, sea otters and giant Pacific octopus also make their homes under the aquarium tanks. Try to catch daily feeding times. Other notable attractions at the aquarium include the Secret of Shipwrecks exhibit and Sea Lion Kiss Encounters . For a fun nighttime outing, the Oregon Coast Aquarium also offers a Deep Sleep program, which allows families and groups to spend the night in the underwater tunnels.

Adres: 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd, Newport, Oregon

Official site: https://aquarium.org/

3 Newport’s Historic Bayfront

Yaquina Bay ashleigh290 / photo modified
Yaquina Bay ashleigh290 / photo modified

The sheltered Newport Bayfront stretches around Yaquina Bay, protected from the Pacific rollers by the narrow harbor mouth. Yaquina Bay Bridge is certainly the largest landmark and an important link for Oregon’s Pacific Coast Scenic Byway . A commercial fishing fleet finds shelter on the waterfront, just as visitors find seafood restaurants, small shops, and art galleries along Newport’s Bay Boulevard. The popular Marine Discovery Tours depart from the Bayfront, allowing cruise mate travelers to spot a variety of wildlife, including gray whales, seals, and the many resident sea lions.

4 Yaquina Bay State Park


Lighthouse of Yaquina Bay

Yaquina Bay State Park is located on the north side of the bay of the same name. The 32-acre park is home to the restored 1871 Yaquina Bay Lighthouse , one of the first aids to navigation on the Pacific Northwest coast and later used as a Coast Guard rescue station. The interior of the wooden building is decorated with antique furniture and free, self-guided tours are available to the public every day of the year except major holidays, with limited hours during the winter.

Adres: Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site, Newport, Oregon

Official Site: https://oregonstateparks.org/index.cfm?do=parkPage.dsp_parkPage&parkId=148

5 Hatfield Marine Science Center

Hatfield Marine Science Center Oregon Attractions / Photos modified
Hatfield Marine Science Center Oregon Attractions / Photos modified

Hatfield Marine Science Center is a research facility operated by Oregon State University. Located near the Oregon Coast Aquarium and connected by the half-mile Yaquina Estuary , the science center also has aquariums and tide pools filled with bright marine life. Activities at the Hatfield Marine Science Center include watching octopus feedings , viewing exhibits of marine research, and participating in various educational programs. Also on this southern side of the bay, South Beach State Park offers shore access, beachcombing, and camping.

Adres: 2030 SE Marine Science Dr, Newport

Official Site: https://hmsc.oregonstate.edu/

6 My Beach

Nye Beach Sasquatch I / photo modified
Nye Beach Sasquatch I / photo modified

Nye Beach faces the wild Pacific Ocean, bordering a historic area of ​​Newport that has long been a popular vacation destination. Since the beach faces west, visitors often come to catch the sunset. Newport’s cultural centers are also located in this part of the city. Local shops and popular restaurants line the coastal street, providing a cool atmosphere and a fun beach experience. The Newport Visual Arts Center features a variety of regional artwork in its three gallery spaces, and for a mix of theater, music, and community presentations, visitors can visit the nearby Newport Performing Arts Center .

Official Site: https://nyebeach.org/

7 Whale watching

Whale Watching OCVA / photo modified
Whale Watching OCVA / photo modified

A number of whale watching expeditions operate out of Newport, viewing migrating gray whales as they make the journey up the Pacific coast (mid-December to January and again from late March to June). Some resident gray whales stay along the coast during the summer. Popular charters in Newport include Yaquina Bay Charters and Newport Tradewinds . Coastal parks line the region, offering glimpses of the country’s whales. The Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is one of the best places in Newport to see whales without getting on a boat.

8 Historisch Burrows House en Pacific Maritime Heritage Centre

Burrows House Museum OCVA / photo modified
Burrows House Museum OCVA / photo modified

The Lincoln County Historical Society owns and operates two historic buildings: the 1895 Victorian Burrows House Museum and the sprawling Pacific Maritime Heritage Center. The Victorian mansion has antique clothing and furniture. At the interactive Pacific Maritime Heritage Center , exhibits explain maritime life and offer beautiful views of historic Newport Bay . The Lincoln County Historical Society also maintains the Log Cabin Research Facility adjacent to the Burrows House, which contains an extensive archive of photographs, newspapers, maps, and first-hand information pertaining to the region’s history.

Burrows House-adres

  • Adres: 45 SW 9th Street, Newport, Oregon

Heritage Centre

  • Address: 333 SE Bay Blvd

Address: 333 SE Bay Blvd

Official site: https://oregoncoasthistory.org

9 Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park
Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park is located 7 miles north of the Newport Bayfront and is one of the most popular beaches on the Oregon Coast. Oceangoers head to Beverly to spread out for almost five miles of beach , and surfers can find good waves at the north end of the park. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse can be seen from Beverly Beach State Park, and so can migrating whales during season . Beverly Beach also hosts a large campground with over 200 campsites available, including 21 different yurts to choose from.

Adres: 198 NE 123rd Street, Newport, Oregon

10 Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area

Devil's Punch Bowl Staat Natural Area Amy Meredith / fotomodificatie
Devil’s Punch Bowl Staat Natural Area Amy Meredith / fotomodificatie

One of the most popular tourist spots along the coast is the Devil’s Punch Bowl, located a short drive north of Newport, just past Beverly Beach State Park. When the surf pounds the Oregon coast, it rushes in here interesting rock formation at high tide and makes a roaring sound. Visitors can look down into the cut in the rock to watch the swirling water swirling below. The area is also a good spot for a picnic while watching whales (look out for spray water off the coast).

Adres: Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area, Otter Rock, Oregon

11 Seal Rock State Recreation Site

Attractions in Newport
Seal Rock State Recreation Area Doug Kerr / photo modified

About 10 miles south of Newport, Seal Rock State Recreation Site features attractions both large and small. On the large side, a number of striking rocks are scenic coastal landmarks amid sprawling beaches. seals , sea lions , and sea birds are among the draw of wildlife watching. On the small side, the many different tide pools along the coast offer a variety of marine life for the whole family to discover. Other fun things to do at Seal Rock include long picnics and coastal beach walks, as well as simply enjoying the ocean view.

Adres: 10032 NW Pacific Coast Hwy, Seal Rock, Oregon

12 Siuslaw National Forest

Attractions in Newport

Take Perpetua

Spectacularly diverse, Siuslaw National Forest covers 630,000 acres of rivers, mountains, and coast. It is unusual among national forests in that it extends to the coast, where Cape Perpetua Scenic Area is a popular viewpoint for whale watching, and the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area features a rare landscape of sand and forest. The Pacific Coast Scenic Byway , U.S. Route 101, cuts along the western edge of the forest, with valley roads providing access to campgrounds and hiking trails.

Where to stay in Newport for sightseeing

Most Newport hotels are pet-friendly and are located along the coast near the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Hatfield Marine Science Center, or along Nye Beach, with its many art galleries. The area further north around Agate Beach, near the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, is also popular. Here are a few highly rated hotels in scenic waterfront locations:

  • Luxe hotels:Newport lacks true luxury hotels, but the following properties are at the higher end of the accommodations category. The impeccably clean Hallmark Resort is located right on the oceanfront with stunning beach views and has an indoor heated saltwater pool, spa, sauna and gym. Located further north near Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, the well-appointed Starfish Point Condos offer two bedrooms, beach views and large kitchens. Located in the heart of Nye Beach, close to restaurants and shops, the eco-friendly, boutique Inn at Nye Beach hotel overlooks this expanse of sand from a cliff. Rooms have ocean-view balconies, cozy fireplaces, loose-leaf teas, French press coffeemakers, and plush bedding.
  • Mid-Range Hotels: The four-story Elizabeth Street Inn sits on a beachfront bluff and offers free breakfast and parking. It offers beautiful views of the beach and rooms have fireplaces and balconies. Ideal for families are the BEST WESTERN Agate Beach Inn, which features an indoor pool and hot tub and beautiful beach views, and the homey Agate Beach Motel, which offers private access to the beach. All cottage-style rooms at this charming 1940s motel have a kitchen or kitchenette and ocean views.
  • Budget Hotels: Just steps from the Oregon Coast Aquarium, with free breakfast and an indoor pool, Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Newport is one of the few hotels in Newport that doesn’t allow pets. Next door, La Quinta Inn & Suites Newport also offers complimentary breakfast and an indoor pool, as well as a spa and fitness center, and the Embarcadero Resort Hotel offers bay and bridge views from its affordable suites.

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